Thought I would share some of my photos and notes from the Society’s visit to Professor Sandy Primrose’s Garden on July 10th 2013.

Before I get carried away, just to let you all know, the Primroses donated the money we paid on the night to the Rennie Grove Hospice Care (was Iain Rennie Hospice) – a very worthwhile local charity.


The garden was fabulous! Quite shady in parts, but lots of space for specimen trees and shrubs. And we had the anecdotes from Sandy – very entertaining!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos in the shady part of the garden, but here are some of the shade loving species that he had:

-       Polygonatum - Solomon’s seal

-       Epimedium – otherwise known as “horny goat weed” – yes it is an aphrodisiac & you must look it up on Wikipedia!

-       Acers

-       Hostas

One of the big Hostas was “Sum and Substance”, apparently holds up well to the slugs. Pasture Farm Plants over in Longwick, do have this, so pay them a visit if you want a large slug resistant Hosta. It’s the large one in the middle, in the photo below.


There were some stunning shrubs including Chiunanthus Virginicus, White Fringe Tree and a Cercis Canadensis, Forest Pansy. I didn’t realise it was so windy & some of my photos are a bit blurred I’m afraid, including my favourite Forest Pansy!


And lots of different perennials including:

-       Sanguisorba

-       Amsonia – beautiful blue flowers

-       Phlomis

-       Various unusual Digitalis, including Lutea

I spotted a plant which I thought was a euphorbia, but I was wrong, it was a Buplerum – Euphorbia like, but without the allergic milky sap. I found a place where you can get Buplerum seeds, the Higgledy Garden – I’m just going to have to get some seeds!

Hope those of you who visited the garden enjoyed it & if you’ve got any photos or more notes you’d like to share with everyone, just send them through!



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