I’m a Sweet Pea Novice myself and thinking of growing some this year – I’ve found lots of information on-line and here are some links to websites…….

National Sweet Pea Society

There is a National Sweet Pea Society and you’ll find lots of information on their website. They also have a Facebook page.

Graeme Hollingdale, the Secretary of the Chiltern Sweet Pea Society (CSPS) has recently become the General Secretary of the National Sweet Pea Society (NSPS) – well done Graeme!

There will be a display of Sweet Peas at the Monks Risborough Horticultural Society Annual Show on Saturday August 1st 2015; this will be staged by members of CSPS on behalf of the NSPS. Experts will be on hand to discuss/explain/advise throughout the afternoon and offer you the opportunity to take out membership.


Growing Sweet Peas

If you’re not sure where to start with growing Sweet Peas, there lots of information available on-line – here are a few websites to check out


Sweet Pea Shows

And if you just want to go have a look at some fabulous Sweet Peas, just find a local show – there are details of the main Sweet Pea Shows on the NSPS website.


Buying Sweet Peas

I didn’t realise how many varieties of Sweet Peas there were. You can get Sweet Peas from all the usual seed suppliers but there are some specialists who just do Sweet Peas – here are a couple for you to check out…..

All Photos courtesy of Graeme Hollingdale

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