Since our last article Spring has come and gone. At the beginning of April, I was preparing for our Spring Show and all the pots of daffodils were coming into flower. In fact, some daffs like the grow for show were already passed their best due to the warm weather during March. With the cancelation of the Show I brought out all my show pots into the garden so that I could enjoy all the colours. At about the same time All the spring flowers and fruit tree blossom brightened the garden in turn, starting with the Apricot and followed by pear, plum, cherry and apple. The warm weather we had during April made the blossom and other spring flowering trees a pretty sight and being in lockdown I really appreciated my large garden. I just wished that I could have shared it with you all. I just hope that all the blossom will turn into lots of fruit.

Meanwhile, with the greenhouse cleared of Daffodils I was able to use it to prick out trays of seedling plants and to pot up my tomatoes , cucumber, courgettes amongst other vegetables. I planted out a row of spring cabbages and broccoli and sweet peas and they are growing well. I have also sown rows of parsnip, beetroot, turnip and swede, all of which have germinated. I grow my carrots in raised boxes and covered in fleece to keep the carrot fly away and I am happy to say that they have germinated well. I have 3 rows of potatoes which have started to show. Whether we get a Summer show this year only time will tell.

My flower borders and bushes also looked good this spring as can be seen by some of my pictures. And then suddenly Spring turned into Summer, all the blossom was gone, tuned into miniature fruit and the leaves on the trees filled out into there full summer clothing. It was particularly noticeable in the park following the Tuesday when it rained all day. The trees opened their full leaf in the warm sun and it made our park strikingly beautiful.

In the park, the black poplar whips we planted back in February have now come into leaf and seem to be doing well. To see them, you have to walk down to the stream beyond the allotments. They have to be kept watered to ensure they make good roots.

The Society has had to cancel its regular monthly talks and visits but we will be back as soon as we can. It is also supporting Joanna Brown in her effort to plant over 5000 daffodil bulbs in the village in the Autumn as a thank you to the NHS. Many of the bulbs will be the variety Rainbow which has a pretty multicoloured cup.

14:28, 26 May 2020 by Diane Kolonko